About Us

KGL Logistics K.P.S.C.

KGL Logistics, an affiliate of KGL, has inherited over 40 years of logistics experience from Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Company (KGL). The company has grown to become a key player in the Logistics market in the region having its headquarters in Kuwait with branch operations in Egypt, Qatar, and the UAE. KGL Logistics provides quality, cost-competitive Supply Chain services; specializing in warehousing, freight forwarding (FF), and stevedoring. The warehousing services at KGL Logistics provide second party (2PL), third-party (3PL), and in 2008, launched fourth-party logistics (4PL), a service that enables KGL Logistics, through a highly experienced team and specialized technology, to manage clients’ warehouses and inventory at the clients’ storage facilities. Freight forwarding involves air, sea, and land transport which also includes the application of customs clearance and cargo insurance.

A key to the success of the FF practice is the international network of business partners KGL Logistics endures, enabling the company to efficiently move goods around the globe. The stevedoring function within KGL Logistics prides itself through its establishment of strategic partnerships with port authorities and shipping lines locally in Kuwait, and regionally within the GCC. Throughout all of its areas of business practices, KGL Logistics implements the highest standards of technology by applying state-of-the-art Warehouse Management Solutions. This enables the company to be cost-effective and efficient, and most importantly, provide high-quality services to its clients.